We are a leading brand with a firm belief in Quality & Comprehensive product range, covering medical aesthetic devices, turnkey operation of MedSpas, dedicated to provide cost-effective and highly performance oriented medical-aesthetic solutions based on cutting-edge technology and providing phenomenal clinical research to our world wide clientele.
Our management possesses unique cumulative experience of couple of decades in this industry.

We have requisite experience in helping Physicians & Hospitals incorporate a MedSpa division in their existing organisations. Our expertise is to provide solutions to open new MedSpa with a economical and affordable budget in the shortest duration.

GLOBAL MEDSPA DEVICES collaborate for design and development with leading brands like:

Nippon Japanese Capacitors, Samsung, Dilas, Heraeus Germany,Mistibushi Japan to produce highest quality systems in the world.

Global MedSpa Devices along with its partners spends 10% of revenues in R&D to expand the product line to :

Square Pulse IPL–doing Hair removal ,Acne,Pigment ,Pores. Diode Laser hair removal with 3 wave lengths,Fractional co2, Upplift for Non invasive face lift, Coolestsculpting, 1064/532nm Q- switched ND YAG laser, Radio frequency devices under strict standards of FDA, CFDA, Medical CE and ISO.

In totality, we have the support of our world wide resources who are growing consistently @ 10% p.a within our sister companies, who all are working towards enhancement & development of Aesthetic devices.

Quality Assurance

Global med spa devices business philosophy far exceeds international standards in terms of service, quality and consistency in providing world class products and services to meet our customers’ requirements. The quality assurance system is maintained at all levels within the Company.There’s is a dedicated line for any assistance and most issues can be resolved with face time.Our professional after sales engineering team is available at all times. A loaner within 24-48 hours is also available in case of a unresolved glitches.


  • FDA-Certificate – Laser surgical instrument for use in general and plastic surgery and in dermatology. Class II
  • CFDA-Certificate – or Medical Device ( Restore- Fraction CO2 for face and vaginal rejuvenation,IPL,Diode lasers .) Our systems are U.S FDA cleared & European Medical Grade.The quality of a medical grade system produces far better results, safety and compliance than a non medical grade system.
  • ISO – Design and development, manufacture and distribution of devices for skin therapy, radio frequency devices, laser devices, Radio therapy devices, Intense Pulsed Light System.
    EC-Certificate – has introduced and applies a Quality Management System for the products / product category. Device for skin therapy, Radio frequency devices, Laser devices, Photo therapy devices, Intense Pulse Light system

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