Global Med Spa Devices takes all the confusion out of buying equipment and makes this a seamless process. You only spend approximately 30% of your initial estimated expense of a conventional Medspa.

We teach and train u on all our sold devices.If u need more personalized extensive training we fly to u for minimum cost.

Our Medspa’s

Quality Assurance

Global med spa devices business philosophy far exceeds international standards in terms of service, quality and consistency in providing world class products and services to meet our customers’ requirements. The quality assurance system is maintained at all levels within the Company.There’s is a dedicated line for any assistance and most issues can be resolved with face time.Our professional after sales engineering team is available at all times. A loaner within 24-48 hours is also available in case of a unresolved glitches.We promise to help you resolve all problems related to devices.


We give 2 year full warranty and coverage.Pulse warranty differs from machine to machine.
We also assist /direct u with best financing.

We also do consulting for an additional cost for providing you with protocol,policy and procedure,treatment guidelines,who is authorized to do what treatment,Advertisement budget and best forms of advertising,list of basic equipment required within yr budget.

Here you get Full service at one third the cost

You can start with 1 or more machines.

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Important Steps for a Successful Medical Spa

Global Medspa devices understands this business that’s why our emphasis is on most competitive price without compromising quality.We understand that 60-70% of cost is in the purchase of equipment.

American’s spent just under $9.4 billion on cosmetic medical procedures in 2003. In 2004, American consumers spent $44.6 billion on anti-aging products and services, and the total anti-aging market is projected to reach $72 billion by 2009 (Business Communications Co., Inc) Its now projected to be a trillion dollar market.

The increasing development of effective non-surgical medical technologies has made a scalable and replicable solution possible for the first time. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light),Diode 3 frequency lasers for hair removal, RF (Radio Frequency), IR (Infrared) devices, Coolest Sculpting /Freeze Cryo Technology, Upplift Ultrasound Face lift technology , IILIPO & Ultrasound Cavitation to blast the cell, CO2 Fractional Laser for Face and Vaginal Rejuvenation and there purchase means a steep new learning curve for doctors.

We can assist you in making the prudent choices.

Global Medspa devices know,s what works since it has opened multiple spa,s internationally.We bring you the knowledge about what really works and which treatment combinations give the best results.

We help you choose the right equipment, where to get training & how to run your spa profitably within the shortest time.Purchasing the right product and still make money is the biggest predicament for Physicians.
We are there to support you through the entire process from purchase of devices to properly training you.

Why Global Medspa ?

Our objectivity is that you spend the least amount on equipment while opening a Medspa a which we realize is the only way to be profitable in Medspa business.

There’s no need to spend $500,000 in equipment purchase when we can assist you in buying equipment within $50,000—-$300,000 with a 2 year warranty.

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