Global Med Spa Devices takes all the confusion out of buying equipment and makes this a seamless process. You only spend approximately 30% of your initial estimated expense of a conventional Medspa.

We teach and train u on all our sold devices.If u need more personalized extensive training we fly to u for minimum cost.

Our Medspa’s

Quality Assurance

Global med spa devices business philosophy far exceeds international standards in terms of service, quality and consistency in providing world class products and services to meet our customers’ requirements. The quality assurance system is maintained at all levels within the Company.There’s is a dedicated line for any assistance and most issues can be resolved with face time.Our professional after sales engineering team is available at all times. A loaner within 24-48 hours is also available in case of a unresolved glitches.We promise to help you resolve all problems related to devices.


We give 2 year full warranty and coverage.Pulse warranty differs from machine to machine.

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